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Fusion Technologies

Video Cassette to VideoCD Conversion Services

Want to keep your home movies* forever? Use VideoCD

· Your All-Important Wedding
· A Memorable Birthday Party
· Your Child’s First Steps In Life
· Your Wildest Parties
· Unforgettable Teenage / Yuppie Years
· Your Greatest Inventions
· Your Graduation

OR Make a special VCD gift for a special friend to last forever?

Why Do It ?

· It can Play back on PC or VCD or DVD players !
· No more rewinding and fast forwarding…..
· It’s STEREO ready.
· CDs can last a 100 years (long enough ?)
· Fungus !!! (the No.1 Video Tape Killer)
· Video tape material suffers stretching wear & tear
………causing gradual loss of picture/sound quality
· Less storage space required for a Video Compact Disc

Stephen………+6 016-223 2273 or

For Special Gift Package/Ideas for Loved Ones, ENQUIRE…..

*Delay = Fungus & Wear On Your Original Tape
= Poorer Picture & Sound Quality Later

*We do not like Fungus-infested video cassettes, they’re baad……

Window shopped ……… times.

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