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5th PJ Scout Troop


43rd Annual Campfire (photolog)

campfire2008a.jpg (23409 bytes)

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by the light of the pseudo-silvery moon
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our campfire was kindled..
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Trivia: How many scouts wud it take to do this in a rush?
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campfire2008g.jpg (25021 bytes)
in stitches in sketches
campfire2008h.jpg (14149 bytes)
Grumpy Old Men?
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campfire2008k.jpg (16351 bytes)

campfire2008l.jpg (16369 bytes)
How often do Principals show support till the end of d evening?
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5th PJ

5th year running.   MacArthur Patrol at the Former Quartermaster's House

Yes, its happened again.  Seen here subscription fees relunctantlys offered to the over-the-hill flyboy.

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Tiang Weng (TL'83) and the next Generation

Chip off the old block? Decide for yourselves.

Finally obtained Visas from the wives

Singapore boys gains their 1 evening prison leave. The durian opening at the mamak with a Swiss Army Knife was a bit much no?  Here's an awful shot of Jeremy's FTO.

Cook out at Jeremy's AGAIN 2004 CNY

Its Chinese New Year, and Jeremy n Angie outdo themselves yet again...

quick pix 2004

Leadership Training 2004 in progress.
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Campfire Nite 2002

Here are the quick n dirty video grabs of the event.  As usual, chee kong took this opportunity to realise his long aspired dream of performing in front of 600 ppl crooning "by the light of the silvery moooooon...".  Which is probably quite admirable considering that, it was the only real TRADITIONAL song a 5PJ scout initiated.  The rest was just loud music, some teenage clean flirting (ah..yes.. those lovely memories), etc..

Water Ceremony 2002

Altho the toxic chemicals in the water is not visible in the pictures, few oldies showed up. Everyone had legitimate excuses except for Han who was obviously lounging or vacationing in Europe or something.

Also note that the 5PJ Flag was not drawn past dusk and left raised almost into midnight!!

Rumours Confirmed - Eng San British Bulldogged

Hooked Eng San getting his camping rights revoked Mr n Mrs Tan Eng San The guys re-negotiating back Eng San's camping rights

Congratulations to Eng San & Jacqueline !

Dome Den no more...(Update from Choong Han 5 Feb 98)

Just to keep you informed and possibly for posting on the website, I managed to meet up with Sai Hoow and Lance and Chee Kong during my stay, and we ironed out the plan to the school and the PTA. We decided to get the den built with the least difficulty while still getting the kind of space and arrangement that we wanted, which meant sacrificing the dome idea. From discussions Sai Hoow and Chee Kong already had with the school and some of the parents, it was apparent that we would have a tough time getting the idea off the ground. So, instead we changed direction and went for a huge elevated den (40 by 50 feet) which gives us approx. 4000 square feet to fit in the office, QM room, hall, and the open activity area on ground level. The hall doubles as a meeting room. This design will also be cheaper, which will allow some budget for furnishings like folding tables, chairs, desks, and shelves. Do-it-yourself upgrades will also be possible later, with the biggest of these being the walling up of the ground floor to make a closed activity area.

Our Den Fund stood at RM 22,000 a month ago, with an additional RM 8,000 planned to be collected in February. Construction will be able to start as soon as we hit the RM 35,000 mark.

For more information, and to volunteer your ideas and funds, please contact Chan Sai Hoow, See Chee Kong, or my brother Choong Yow.

Yours in Scouting,
Choong Han

Desperately Seeking Balasundram of 87-88 ...Ph.D (Nepal)

Last known locations: Tampin, Negeri Sembilan.(1986-88) Then Nepal, India.
Parents: Father was a highly respectable member of the Police Force
Born: 1971. A very good year.
Last Known Height: 5 feet 9"
Characteristics: Very Clammy mind but a good set of teeth
Fav Pastime: Telling dirty jokes, concocting even dirtier ones, dreaming really dirt.. (you get the picture..)
Last known intent: Studying to be a Gyne (obviously, with questionable intent)
Voted Most Likely to: Succeed..then become a Dirty Old Man..
Celebrity Status: Picture used in English Dictionaries to describe the word "cheeky"
Least Greatest Moments: Getting the wrong type of attention by Maths and Science teachers in Form 1
Greatest Moments: Spending teenage years with a wacky buncha mad fun-loving Scouts

Bala back in the 80s

An artist's impression of how he might look today

Hey Bala, if you should catch this one, give us a buzz....Mustakim is putting a bounty on you. We've been trying to determine your whereabouts for ages.....

Design Plan for the New Scout Den

Here's the new design plan for the dome shaped Scout Den: Design Plan (71 kb)

Greetings from "Holes in Cheese" land

Pictures from Chu Chong Han over in Switzerland with Theresa and 14 months old Chu Li Wei.
Choong Han's earlier years. first merit badge for unsupervised potty activity
Life in Neutral
"Back from the indian barber"...Chip off the Old Chu

5PJ's Newsletter

Get it here Newsletter June 98

Save the Scout Den

Scout Den on the Edge - (Updated 9 June)

Remember that ol' shack we used to:

dump our precious stuff into hold unofficial chat sessions (back then the net wasnt involved) before and after classes have a COH room but hardly ever conduct COH meetings in breakdance in during the strange phase of the eighties

That good ol shelter is resting on eroding land. A collapse could result if the situation deteriotates. Guess it was time for a move anyway. But it's gonna cost. So naturally, we need your help since you guys are so loaded these days. To unload some this way, drop in on the campfire and see what y'can do.

9 June 1998 UPDATE:
Den Fund$ - Communique from Chu Choong Han
The den is now off limits and the plan is to start construction on the new den by the end of this year. No location provided as yet (as far as I know). Obviously, once the location is provided, we can start with serious building design. Anyone who knows a good architect with scouting background, please let us know. We are looking for a functional design, one that perhaps we can use the structure for pioneering, the roof for practising structure-building, and the interior for meetings, an office and a store. Innovative shapes are also welcome. Dome? Pyramid?

We are still collecting money. The fund stands at just over RM 20,000 at the moment, all of it in fixed deposit (with the high interest rates, it will be RM 22,000 by year's end). Fund Manager is Chu Choong Han. Most of this (15k) was contributed by the family of the late Maurice Kok, a Fourth-form Scout who lost his battle with dengue fever two years ago. The remainder was raised by the scouts.

Every little bit counts, so if you're planning to splurge on a trip to Genting, set aside something for the den first, please. (On the other hand, if you go up there and come back with bulging pockets, think of us as well!)

The 4 Scouters

Active Scout Masters