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Teck Lee's Wedding Nite Part 1 of 2
wed1.jpg (10428 bytes) Teck Lee describing personal experience on marriage & commitment
wed2.jpg (12894 bytes) someone's favourite cousin ..
wed3.jpg (11833 bytes)
wed4.jpg (11303 bytes)
wed5.jpg (12854 bytes) hiya, wen yi.
wed6.jpg (14765 bytes) ahh, wen li, u're melting us...
wed7.jpg (14148 bytes)
wed8.jpg (13410 bytes)
wed9.jpg (13854 bytes) wen ling, i got you babe!
wed10.jpg (15006 bytes)
wed11.jpg (17086 bytes) Colin & Teck Eu, spot the difference.
wed12.jpg (13984 bytes) gotcha again ....
wed13.jpg (15603 bytes)
wed14.jpg (13530 bytes) selina, selina?
wed15.jpg (11886 bytes) Yvonne che che, Kevin kor kor..
wed16.jpg (11591 bytes) "no, for the last time, she hasn't got younger sister for you.."
wed17.jpg (9248 bytes) meet the "Baldyguards"
wed18.jpg (9333 bytes) If you gotta do it, do it in style. (picture taken just b4 tecklee trips over carpeting..)
wed19.jpg (10363 bytes)
wed20.jpg (10106 bytes) the durian cut,
the rambutan shave,
the tropical fruit look,
rub to appreciate...